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Wholesale Custom Safety Alarm Keychain for Self-Protection - Security Sirens Personalized with your Custom Imprint or Blank. Lowest price in USA and Canada.

personalized safety alarms - sirens

Safety Alarm Keychain (PT188)

Bulk personalized safety alarm key chains - security sirens for self protection, custom imprinted with your logo or blank. Our security alarm keychains are equipped with extremely loud sirens, triggered by the easy pulling of a pin (children may pull it easily, too). Once the alarm starts it will not stop until the pin is re-inserted. The safety alarm key chain has a very strong, indestructible body: it cannot be destroyed by the attacker. Out custom safety alarm key chains provide a very effective protection for children, women, joggers, travelers, and any person working or traveling alone at night or in unsafe areas: real-estate agents, students, waitresses, night-shift workers, etc. Budget Prices in the USA and Canada for wholesale personal safety alarms - sirens.

Quick pin release to activate intense siren reaches up to 130 decibel. Oval designed alarm provides your needed security wherever you go. Key ring & battery included. Ideal for school children, women, joggers, etc.
Don't leave home without it!

Bulk Personal Alarms Sirens Keychains Personalized